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When Everyone Has A College Degree
And An Amazing Resume,
How Do You Stand Out?

Tell The Story That Sets You Apart From The  Crowd & Lands You The Job

How This Works


> 8 out of 10 hiring managers say experience matters more than education

> Hiring managers google job applicants before they make contact

> Academic honors carry little to no weight in hiring decisions

> Companies expect applicants to be multi-dimensional not single-skilled



Our Brand Builder crafts your story in a way that is completely authentic to you and your goals while inspiring to others. We will establish you as “one-to-watch” in your desired field so you have a clear advantage over your peers.
Are you ready to be Googled? 
Did you know when nothing comes up when you're searched it can be just as damaging to your chances of getting hired as if something negative comes up? We make sure your story's told correctly no matter where/when someone is reading it.

We will position you to leapfrog entry-level titles and negotiate a higher salary that far exceeds industry standards

The times have changed. Stop wasting your time and money on counselors

 and services that are giving dated advice. If you don't have a story to tell, you don't have an edge.

3 Day Career Builde

3 day BRAND builder

What you'll get from our time together

remote and in-person sessions available

  • Intensive coaching session to identify an authentic and viable career path for your personality, skills and interests (or, refine your approach to an existing path should you have one)

  • A biography and tagline for your personal brand that create an emotional response from employers and peers

  • High quality, professional photos for your website and social media

  • A content roadmap that will establish you as an expert and thought-leader in your field before you even get the job and help you raise your profile once you do

  • A personal website that unites your brand and your content into a powerful persona

  • A crash course in negotiating your compensation and title so you don't leave money or status on the table (many clients say this alone pays for our service)

  • A complete social media tune-up to create consistency for your personal brand across the internet whether people are searching for you on Google, Linkedin, IG, Twitter, etc.

  • Business cards (physical and digital) you'll be excited to hand out because they are the launchpad to your story 

  • An updated resume that incorporates your new personal brand and inspirational story

  • An SEO strategy that will surface your name in search results so your professional profile is the first thing everyone sees

Why Us

     My name is Jason Ziemianski. I'm a C-level executive and serial entrepreneur, I hold a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and I am a certified executive coach. I have been at the cutting edge of technology and media for over twenty years working with global brands like MTV, Sony, Facebook, YouTube, Univision and more. I have also built brands from the ground up that have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide across all platforms and mediums

     If there's one thing I know, it's that a good story has an emotional impact on people they will never forget. As a parent of two children and a mentor to my employees, I am driven by helping young people define and live out their authentic story in ways that are both fulfilling to them and inspiring to others.

     I've managed companies and departments hiring hundreds of people and I know first-hand that all applicants blend together and companies are jaded when reviewing resumes. This is exactly why I started Grad Path.

     I want to empower you to break through the stale application process with a story you are passionate about telling and one that gets employers excited to interview and hire you. To be clear, this isn't a tall tale or clickbait. This is your story and it's an authentic expression of your vision for your life that we will develop together. This is the story you will embody and grow from as  you continue to write new chapters throughout your professional journey

     This art of storytelling is what I bring to my clients at Grad Path. I have developed an intensive, 3-day program (remote or in-person) that will help you discover and/or refine an authentic and viable career path while building a personal brand that will serve you for your entire life. You will leave our sessions with tangible, personalized tools that will have an immediate impact on your job search or advancing in your existing job. You will discover a new level of confidence in sharing your story that inspires everyone you meet to want to learn more about you. Whether you're Ivy League or you dropped out, you will be positioned to leapfrog your peers and secure a salary that exceeds industry standards.


No matter where you are in your career or job search, it's time to start telling your story. The sooner you start telling it the more ownership you'll have over how it 

Contact me today for a free consultation and learn how we can begin making your vision for your work and life a reality.

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