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The Hiring Manager Googled You... It's Not Good

Ok, you've got a killer resume. You spent so much time on it, your thesaurus game is on point, the template is super stylish and your resume writing service was totally worth the money.

So, why aren't you getting calls?

No matter how amazing you think your resume looks, this is how it appears to the hiring manager.

So, how do you get your resume to stand out?

Well, first of all, stop worrying about your resume. No one cares.

What hiring managers care about are accomplishments. This applies to entry-level employees and C-level employees.

How do they find your accomplishments? They Google you.

They want to confirm what you say on your resume and get a more comprehensive view of your career and your personality.

When they Google you, do you tell a story? Are you in control of your professional narrative?

Or, do they find a smattering of social media posts?

Even worse, do they find nothing? Do you look like someone that is invisible to the world and will be invisible to their company?

If you don't have a personal brand that tells the story of your career past, present and future you'll be stuck in the world of faceless resume piles.

We can help and we can help quickly. Contact us before you send out one more resume or take one more job interview.

Jason Ziemianski

Founder, Strategic Job Finder

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