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You Graduated Cum Laude? So Did Everyone Else

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

With more students boasting flashy GPAs, academic honors lose their luster

This is a headline from a recent Wall Street Journal article. You can read the whole thing here but the gist is it's harder to differentiate yourself from your competition in the job market than it ever has been even when you rose to the top of your class at a top tier school. Just take a look at the charts below where, in some cases, you have 6 out of 10 students graduating with honors. Grades used to be a great indicator of your worthiness of a job but, today, it's all about experience and being a multidisciplinary worker. Being a jack of all trades is no longer a bad thing - it's a virtue. This is even more important in the seductive world of startups where job descriptions can be fluid. You need to be master of your industry not your department.

At Strategic Job Finder we tackle this challenge head-on. We will help you build a personal brand that shows you're not a one-trick-pony adept at jumping through academic hoops. Demonstrate that you are a critical thinker with original ideas, curious about the direction of your field and a leader in shaping its future. In 3 short days we can help you make this happen. Contact us today!

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